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7 SEO TIPS for Homebuilders

I gave a seminar presentation at the International Builder Show last week in Vegas. It was titled Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secrets revealed and demystified. The true secret…is not really secret at all. Most of the things I presented is available all over the Internet in the forms of tutorials, blogs and white papers. Google even tells you what to do to rank higher if you read their help topics. Do you have time to do it yourself? Do you want to do it yourself?

As a review, here are the 7 Tips I presented

  1. Domains Names – Its Internet Real Estate, Don’t stop at one domain.
  2. Get a good website – build it right with Search engine optimization (SEO)  in mind – get a good hosting company – make the site functional and easy to use
  3. Get More Websites – build blogs, marketing sites, community websites
  4. Don’t throw it away or lose it – continue to use old sites and old domains
  5. Get links, online ads, social media profiles – you need links to your site to show relevance
  6. Buy it – Pay per click forces your site to get indexed. the search engines have to make sure ads relate to content.
  7. Hire someone that knows what they are doing to help you…you build houses. Let an Internet marketing company market your company on the Internet.

click here to see the slideshow presentation

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